Delivering Wellness, Therapeutic and Medicinal Value

Advanced production capabilities vertically+ horizontally integrated around the cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of THC & CBD-based brands consumers interact with regularly.


Greensfer has created, marketed, and distributed a portfolio of brands renowned for their quality and value – including Hetch, MIDSFACTORY, Clear Star, Miss Mirum’s, and FLOR.

what we do


Greensfer owns four cannabis cultivations engaged in industrial-scale seed acquisition, nursery, farming and drying/curing operations. With indoor crops, as well as outdoor cultivation at sea level and elevation, Greensfer utilizes state-of-the-art sun grown, greenhouse and light dep techniques in grows covering dozens of acres.


Our laboratories contain two Type 6 and two Type 7 volatile extraction rooms, each housing independent closed-loop extraction machines. Our standard operating procedures combined with artisan chemistry produce an innovative line of concentrates unrivaled in cost, purity and quality.


Our two manufacturing facilities in the heart of San Francisco total 30,000 square feet. We specialize in blending, extraction, flower processing, cartridge lines and operate two commercial kitchens producing a variety of food-grade edibles. We produce a full spectrum of retail cannabis products for our owned brands, along with select toll and co-processing partners.

Marketing & Distribution

Believing many of the skills governing traditional manufacturing, retail sales and CPG marketing are extraordinarily relevant in both the legal and regulated cannabis sectors, our talented product teams create and distribute a portfolio of widely-used cannabis brands.